Reimagine Your WiFi as a Powerful Marketing Asset.

Free WiFi has become a necessity in all visitor-based industries: turn it into your primary funnel to gathering data, interacting with guests, and strengthening your business.

Smarter Customer Data

UNOSphere is the premier On-Site Marketing and Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) solution for restaurants, gyms, coffee shops, healthcare facilities and hospitality industries. By adding a brief, seamless social media log-in to the WiFi connection process, you create exponentially more opportunities to learn about and engage with your guests.


One simple Social Media Log-In turns an anonymous WiFi User into a profiled client.


Feed Demographic Information right into your dashboard to visualize data and statistics.


Strengthen your connection with a brief branding message, or monetize your WiFi by selling ad space to other businesses.

Connect to Your Guests as They Connect to Your Network

Social Media Login

Implement a social media login for users to connect to your WiFi, turning anonymous guests into real people.

As more and more apps use Social-Media for quick logins, users are used to the experience of connecting social media for access. Use this process to turn anonymous guests into real people.

Create an opportunity for in-house Branding messages at the beginning and throughout the user’s Wi-Fi experience, from your logo to short videos

Capture Key Information About Your Guests


Transfer key guest demographic information such as First and Last Name, Email, Gender, and Age into your database

Same-Day Activity

Receive simple but powerful data about guest network experience such as use duration, to learn more about an average guest visit experience


Feed this data into the UNOSphere Dashboard to visualize data to inform marketing and business decisions

Re-Engage Guests


Create in-house Branding messages throughout the user’s Wi-Fi experience, from your logo to short videos


Monetize your WiFi asset by showing advertisements to your curated list of customers through the guest’s WiFi experience


Communicate with former guests via email with important product details, specials, or generic messages, all from the UNOSphere Client Portal

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